Here we aim to answer some questions you may have ...


Where do you deliver?
We deliver in the Ballarat area only; 12 km radius from our shop in Ballarat East.  (NOT Cardigan Village, Napoleons, Smythesdale, Haddon, Creswick, Daylesford, Ballan, Enfield, Wallace, Ross Creek, Scarsdale or areas outside the Ballarat city Region).

Is there a minimum for delivery?
Yes you MUST order 12 or more (otherwise you won't get the delivery option). Delivery is a flat $5 cost.

I need cupcakes for the morning, do you deliver in the morning?
No, our driver goes out each day after 12. If you need your cakes in the morning please order the day before.

Can I request a delivery time?
Sorry, we cannot give you a time but usually your delivery will arrive between about 12-3.30.

Can I order 18 cupcakes for delivery?
If you want to order for delivery they must be in multiples of 12 or phone us to place your order.


Do you have Vegan/Gluten Friendly cupcakes?
We do have a small range of Vegan (in green cases) and Gluten Friendly (in brown cases) cupcakes (may contain traces of allergens) if you want to order these online then order our mix of the day range and in the notes put in how many GF/Vegan you would like included.

Do you make larger cakes in Vegan/Gluten Friendly?
We are not making larger cakes in these options at the moment.

Do you make gluten friendly AND vegan cupcakes?
We are not making cupcakes these options at the moment.

Why are your cupcakes called Gluten Friendly and not Gluten Free?
Because all our cupcakes are made in the same kitchen we cannot guarantee there are no traces of gluten at all, so the are friendly rather than totally free!

Are your cupcakes nut-free?
No, we do use nuts from time to time in the shop and cannot give you a guarantee that there are no nuts or traces of nuts in our cakes and cupcakes.

Can I choose my own image on an edible image cupcake?
Yes you can, we have an option in the Birthday Cupcakes where you can choose your image, you must email it to us as a jpg with your order. Please note that an image on a white background is a much better option, the more colour your image contains the less clear it will appear.

Can I choose different flavours in my mix-of-the-day order?
If you are ordering 12 mix-of-the-day then you get one of each of the flavours we have on the day. You cannot ask for 2 of this, and 3 of that. This would be impossible for us to manage. If you would like that option then you are free to come into the shop and choose your cupcakes over-the-counter. If you want to order a specific flavour then that needs to be done in 12 cupcakes per flavour only.

Do you put large edible pictures on big cakes?
No, we only use edible images on our cupcakes.

Can you buy over-the-counter or do you have to order?
Every day we have a range of 12 cupcakes available to purchase over-the-counter (no need to order). These are a mix of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet bases and different flavours and styles of buttercream.