Our “Mix of the Day” Range


Mix of the Day ($3.50 each cupcake)

We have a selection of 12 different cupcakes available for order and also over-the-counter in our Eureka Street shop. These flavours change daily and are a mix of vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and other flavours of cake with a mix of buttercream icing and flavours and decorations.

We add new and delicious flavours all the time and don’t have a set “menu” as such.

You cannot pick and mix these cakes, just one of each. If you would like to include vegan or gluten free in this mix you can request that in the notes section.

This mix can also be ordered ONLINE for delivery in Ballarat (minimum 12) or pick up from 4 or more.

If you would like a particular selection of flavours then you can come into the store and choose whatever you like! 

Special Orders

We also make cupcakes to order; your choice of colours and flavours with a minimum order of 12 for each variety and design. Have a look on our online order section or give us a call to come in to order something different.

Vegan and Gluten Friendly Cupcakes

We offer a very small range of these cupcakes so your guests don’t miss out.

We offer a very limited selection of Gluten Friendly cupcakes (on vanilla cake only). Our vegan cupcakes are usually chocolate and vanilla with chocolate and vanilla icing; these cakes do contain soy.

All these cakes may contain traces of gluten and other allergens and we do use nuts in our store. We are as careful as possible but cross-contamination may occur. If allergy is severe we DON’T recommend you provide these cakes as alternatives.